How to win conversions with Cookieless marketing

How to win conversions with Cookieless marketing

You’ve probably seen a few of us advertisers talk about the end of third-party cookies. As of 2023, Google will be ending the use of third-party cookies on Chrome, which will make cookie-based advertising solutions obsolete.

Or will it?

In this webinar, ClickThrough’s Director of Conversion Strategy, Alan Rowe and Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation, Macy Edwards will show you how you can mitigate the loss of third-party cookies through building an effective tech stack and taking ownership of first-party data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why, without cookieless advertising, you’re already under-reporting on your campaigns by up to 41%.
  • What will be the true effects of losing your cookies, and how this will impact your conversion rates.
  • How the loss of cookies will impact all advertising channels, including PPC, programmatic, paid social and emails.
  • How you can create short, medium, and long-term strategies to build your own database of first (or zero!) party data.
  • What tech solutions are available to help you fight back and keep your personalized ad solutions.

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