Al Rowe

Unlocking Marketing Potential with AI & Human Insights

Learn more about the winning formula for Conversion Rate Optimisation: AI + Human Expertise. Join ClickThrough’s Director of Innovation and Technology, Al Rowe, as he reveals how the perfect blend of AI and human expertise can supercharge your...

AI and the Future of Marketing

Everyone is talking about AI. Whether by using ChatGPT to speed up writing tasks, or image creation software to fill in gaps in their image libraries, brands have quickly embraced artificial intelligence as a way to bolster their marketing strategy...

How to get your head around GA4

Google Analytics 4 is the new, event-based iteration of Google Analytics, designed to give a more in-depth look at how websites are performing based on user behaviour. But, with ongoing changes being made, it’s hard to have the confidence...

How to Win Conversions with Cookiesless Advertising

How to win conversions with Cookieless marketing

You’ve probably seen a few of us advertisers talk about the end of third-party cookies. As of 2023, Google will be ending the use of third-party cookies on Chrome, which will make cookie-based advertising solutions obsolete. Or will it? In this...

Al Rowe


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