How to get your head around GA4

How to get your head around GA4

How to get your head around Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics 4 is the new, event-based iteration of Google Analytics, designed to give a more in-depth look at how websites are performing based on user behaviour. But, with ongoing changes being made, it’s hard to have the confidence you’re using it to the best of its potential!

Join our Head of Conversion Strategy, Al Rowe, as he reveals how to get the best start in GA4, and how to use custom reports to unlock the new platform’s most powerful data.

  • Why the change to GA4, and why you should switch sooner rather than later,
  • How you can perform a basic set-up on GA4 and get started on the platform,
  • What changes we’ve seen so far this year, and how they’ve affected the way we use analytics,
  • How to navigate through GA4’s built-in reports,
  • How to unlock the power of GA4 by building your own, custom reports.

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