How To Sell More Product With a Properly Optimised Product Page

How To Sell More Product With a Properly Optimised Product Page

The humble product page continues to be the primary gateway to a shopper’s purse. Yet, if that’s true, why isn’t more time spent improving them – and indeed, where would you even start?

In this webinar, Strategy Director Alan Rowe will discuss the fundamental characteristics of high-performing product pages, how you can align your page with your audience’s expectations and reveal how rethinking your approach to value can increase both basket size and lifetime customer value.

You’ll also hear about Data-Led Design® – a new approach to product page optimisation that can turbocharge your test success rate by allowing you to safely learn from your mistakes, offline.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The features all great product pages have in common and how to apply them to your product page
  • How to decide which product sell is right for you (or why you can’t sell a smartphone like a stapler)
  • Why true mobile optimisation is vital, and the steps to take to achieve it
  • How to factor the whole journey into your optimisation; from product page through to aftercare
  • The opportunities for extra revenue beyond the product you are about to sell – and how to make the most of them

Watch this webinar and discover how the most successful companies stay successful by continually reassessing how well their product pages are serving the needs of their customers.

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