Should I Be A-B Testing During The Pandemic?

Should I Be A-B Testing During The Pandemic?

We all know that conversion optimisation requires continuous testing. But how do you perform valid tests when, in many categories, consumers have stopped consuming?

In this up-to-the-second webinar, Alan Rowe, ClickThrough’s Strategy Director with 20 years of web build and CRO experience will explain how you can continue to use A/B testing to improve your conversion rates and minimise risk to revenue during these tough times.

You’ll also hear about Data-Led Design® – a new approach to conversion rate optimisation where users tell you which changes will deliver the highest increase in sales.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What A/B testing is and why it still matters this year
  • The key A/B testing methods and how you can use them to better understand your audience
  • How to factor COVID-19 into your A/B tests – and why now is not the time to stop testing
  • Practical ways to keep on testing – even if your onsite conversions have temporarily dried-up
  • How other businesses have achieved leaps in their conversion rates, leads and sales using Data-Led Design®

Watch this practical webinar and discover how a lull in conversions need not stop you from improving your conversion rate.

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